What are your sustainability practices when creating and developing a product?

At Mimi Clothing, we are guided by a three-fold ethos that shapes our approach to sustainability: Mindful Materials, Craftsmanship with Care, and Timeless Design.

Mindful Materials: We collaborate with experts to select materials that not only minimize your environmental impact but also prioritize both your comfort and style.

Craftsmanship with Care: Every piece is crafted by skilled artisans in the Philippines whom we trust for their commitment to excellence.

Timeless Design: Mimi Clothing embodies the essence of timeless and enduring style, ensuring that our creations transcend fleeting trends.

What are your main collections?

The Isla Collection is our flagship ready-to-wear line, drawing inspiration from the tranquil beauty of island living. Each garment is made from natural or reclaimed fabrics, produced in limited quantities to eliminate wastage. Additionally, within the Isla Collection, you'll discover the Core Capsule Collection, a selection of essential pieces with a promise of continual restocking and new color introductions.

The Akbay Collection, on the other hand, represents our collaborative efforts, where we join forces with various textile sources across the nation and engage with communities that captivate our hearts.

Who makes your clothing?

We forge partnerships with garment suppliers and manufacturers who share our brand's vision, prioritizing eco-friendly materials and impeccable quality. Also, we extend our support to individual seamstresses whose livelihoods were adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.